Sunday, October 15, 2017

Inktober 2017 Day 8 - Day 14 aka "BOOK TWO"

Onward we go, here is book two, where I see changes (for the good) I think.
Maybe there is hope for me yet !

Day 8
Still in Algonquin I found my subject sitting on the table just in case you don't recognize them, Green Pepper and a Tomato..

Someone mentioned using non waterproof ink so they could add shadows by washing the lines of ink.
So I did it too

Lamy Safari with Lamy Black Ink

Day 9

Ch-ch-ch changes..
well I think so, I see a definite shift in my line work here maybe I am improving :-)

Pilot Metropolitan Pen and Platinum Carbon Black Ink

Labrador Tea

There was a time when Grant and I would make a 3 hr journey (one way!) into the backwoods of Algonquin just so we could enjoy a cup of this tea!
We still enjoy it but we don't have to walk nearly as far :-)

Day 10

A subject way more complex but boy I enjoyed drawing this one..
Pine cones, a bunch was knocked off a tree in Mew Lake (Algonquin) so I brought it home as my subject.

Very old Parker rollerball pen, it's even older than the sketchbook and that started in 1994!

Day 11

OK well somehow the day got away from me and as I was eating an apple before I went to bed I realized I hadn't completed my Inktober tribute :-o

So the apple core was it ..

The same old Parker Rollerball

Day 12

Remember the walks with Winter?
Here is another 'found' subject from one of the walks it is also the beginning of "just how many different oaks live in my neighbourhood anyway"

Same old Parker rollerball

Day 13

This would be the second of the Oaks leaves

Jinhao 750 "Frankenpen" (I swapped out the nib for a flex nib)
Diamine 'Ochre' Ink

Getting to like my lines

Day 14

Another Oak, thats three if you are counting..
Jinhao 750 "Frankenpen"
Diamine 'Ochre' Ink

This is a great combination for Autumn sketching!

Here endeth "BOOK TWO"

I have to go find a subject for today to fill in the Day 15 spot that will be in Book three
Watch this space!


Inktober 2017 Day 1 - Day 7 aka "BOOK ONE"

I've been lurking ..
I wasn't sure about being able to complete this years "Inktober" challenge but I started and kept it to myself but the month is half over and I am still going!

So it's time ..
I thought aboyt the format ;
1 a day was  bit much
All of them in one post seemed worse
So I settled on this ..

Here is Day 1 through Day 7

Day 1

I was in Ottawa with the Urban Sketchers and found myself sitting in front of Maman by Lois Boubureous

There are 5 of these scattered around, I know of one in the Distillery District in Toronto the rest are worldwide.

Unfortunately for me I put my sketch in my sketchbook not knowing if I would continue or not or how I would keep track of my progress.
So Day 1 is all alone in my Moleskine Sketchbook while all the others reside side by side in my very old (1994) sketchbook that I am trying to fill.

Without further ado ...
Day 1 Maman

I used my little used Brush Pen to get the thick black lines that make up the actual sculpture.
Little used as it rarely comes out into the light but I am pleased with this

Day 2

What ? you don't know what a Dalek is ?
Better start watching Dr Who all 40 plus years of it to get caught up !
This was created with a ballpoint pen while I sat on hold on the phone.

Day 3

Still struggling to find my way with Inktober this is a pretty quick sketch of one of my painting bags.
it was there and I needed a subject ..
I think it was done with a Micron .05

Day 4


I picked these up one my walk with Winter ( little knowing this was going to start a trend..)

Micron .05 pen

Day 5

Fall Mum's
Sitting on the picnic table in Algonquin

Rotring 1.5mm Art Pen

Day 6

Maple leaves (unfortunately I didn't have coloured inks or my dip pens with me) in Algonquin.
Pilot Metropolitan with Platinum Carbon Black Ink (I think)

Day 7

Still in Algonquin.
Grant threw a piece of wire into a tree and started talking to the world ..
Ham radio

Sakura Microperm 01 well used and scratchy and I like it!

Well thats "BookOne" stay tuned for "Book 2"
Where things start to change ....


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Wild Grapes

Winters favourite .. I know she shouldn't eat them but just try to stop her!

These grow along a couple of fences down in the local park.

It looks a bit washed out here so much for scanning!

Sennelier watercolours
Jin Hau 'frankenpen' fitted with a flex nib, loaded with Diamine 'Ochre' ink
Derwent wtercolour pencils

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Sketching by the Grand River

Yesterday my friend Constance and I spent much of the day sitting by the Grand River sketching the vista before us.

Sunny with a cooling breeze, lots of dog walkers to offer nice comments a grand day out!

First up was a pencil sketch of the old cedars ( Channeling Marianne Coleman ) I was going to add ink but decided against it.

Then I made a new sketch in ink this time and added watercolour to ground it. This was my favourite of  the day.

Something completely different I chose the yellow flowers a few feet from where I sat, I have no idea what they are but they called to have their portrait painted..

Time vanished, it's like being in a time machine when you sit to sketch, 'poof' hours disappear in the blink of an eye. It was time to pack up and head back but not before stopping for a quick sketch of the old bridge that was at the entrance to the old Simms Estate, it was all apple orchards but is now sprouting million dollar homes ...

Yeah the perspective got away from me but it is after all a 'quick sketch' :-)

Photo references and this will help me recreate it

This series was also a challenge for the H.P paper I used, the name of which completely escapes me..
It was imported from England by Constance and is amazing here I used pencil, ink, and watercolour and it handles it all with ease :-)

As soon as I find out the maker I will amend this post!

The paper is  Saunders Waterford HP 200 lb


Autumn in August rework

Autumn in August

It needed work, I knew that. The impetus came from a 55% off coupon at Michaels, probably the only time I shop there.
I decided I needed coloured pencils that were softer than the ones used, so coupon in hand I went ins search of soft leads ...

I found them in a set of Prismacolor Premier pencils ..

Later, after a bit of work I felt that the sketch was indeed better.
I'm happy now

On here it still looks dull but in person it is positively vibrant!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Coloured Pencil on Toned Paper

Recently I have been drawn (no pun intended.. OK it was intentional) to the work of Pat Southern-Pearce. I was fascinated by her choice of toned paper and her struggle to find the right 'medium' to use it with as I have!

Sitting in my trailer trying to escape the blood sucking hoards of mosquitoes (yes really , at this time of year!) I decided it was time to try
So coloured pencils became the 'medium' and I must say I really enjoyed the challenge, you see I am not a 'coloured pencil' kinda guy, I have them, a lot of them but have rarely used them or know how to use them

However I spent a couple of hours seeing what I could make of this challenge, I must say I was quite happy with the result.

I think the background could be darker but I am at the point of "don't mess it up"!
It does look better with darker, richer colours in real life though... really ..

Strathmore Tan Toned Sketchbook
Derwent pencils both 'Watercolour' and 'Studio'
Graphgear Mechanical Pencil 2B

Feedback is always welcome.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Urban Sketchers in Elora

Yesterday I joined a group of like minded people in Elora for an afternoon of sketching.

I mixed up the times so while I waited for the same 'like minded people' to show up I worked on other people..
I'm not good at this so ...

Bissell Park - Market Day

Bissell Park - by the river

Finally everyone showed up and I wandered off into town ..

Mill St to be precise 

There were  few sprinkes of rain so we sat under an umbrella in an outdoor cafe :-)

2 pens, 1 ink


Monday, August 7, 2017

Westfield Village - A grand day out

Westfield Village is a great place to visit if you love old buildings.
Yesterday I took my friend Karen for a day out to sketch and draw a few of them.

Gillen House - pencil 

This took a while, especially with the steam tractor rumbling by spitting oil, smoke and dust. I had to stop and cover my sketchbook each time ! 

I didn't notice the slight lean until I scanned it...

Cathcart School - Pencil

I decided on a less formal study of the old school. This was drawn quickly with a 'fat' (2mm) mechanical pencil .

Albrecht Seip Boot Shop - Pencil, Pen and Ink

Trying to stay off the roadway (that steam tractor again) I was 'forced' to work on my perspective drawing.

Boy the day went fast, before I knew it we were given the 10 min warning as it was 4:00pm already!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cafe Dwellers

Thos ewho know me know people are not my strong point ..
I decided to try a quick and very loose rendition of a couple of fellow cafe dwelers yesterday.
 I'm reasonable happy with the outcome, I mean he looks almost human!

Pencil in my Moleskine sketchbook

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Another weekend away ..

It's funny how when I am away I find time to draw.
It's probably because I am not sitting by a computer!

More from Valens Conservation Area...

A sketch in pen and ink of the Lookout (Winter's favourite paddling spot) :-)

Then in Watercolour back at the trailer

Next morning, coffee  ...
Made with my new French Press :-)

 A bit wonky but I was outside drinking said coffee :-)

Pencil study

Monday, July 10, 2017

Vacation time is relax and sketch time..

I spent an extended weekend in Valens Conservation Area this laast weekend.
Time to relax and put pen and brush to paper..

My trailer nicely situated in the dappled shade 

 Pen, ink and soluble graphite with a waterbrush

On the other side of the trailer, the picnic table under an old Hemlock (?) 
 Pen, Ink and pencil

A little further afield just to prove I did actually walk somewhere..

Early morning over the lake a thunderhead was forming, this is my attempt at capturing the scene.

 "Portable Painter" setup with W&N paints on a new paper from the Bee Company a single sheet ( 6 x9 ) clipped to a board, very wet in wet and it held up well.   


Monday, July 3, 2017

Pencil Drawing ..

.. or getting back what I had.

I love pencils and many years ago was getting quite adept in their use.
Now I have started to relearn that part of my art, it's frustrating at times but I see light at the end of the tunnel!

Walking Winter I saw this little bindweed peeking out through a neighbours fence.
A quick phone photo to capture the scene and we continued our walk. This was completed at home later.

Out with a friend yesterday at a new to me venue, The "RARE" site in Cambridge that has miles of trails and some beautiful old buildings that are being restored (maybe a little to zealously but they are being saved non-the-less)

The crop was not so good and the subtle pencil shading doesn't come through too well but I was quite pleased with this ..

A mix of pencils but primarily my new Graphgear 1000's which I am beginning to like.. a lot! 

My Hand Book Paper sketchbook is rapidly filling up !

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A weekend in the life or I should be so lucky..

This last weekend I was camping at Valens Conservation area, with a couple of side trips!

Saturday morning I was greeted with Ms Snapping Turtle laying her eggs in the middle of a driveway to a campsite!

That was before I headed out to Doon Heritage Village in KItchener to meet up with my "Sketchy Friends"

That was a great morning and I managed to get back to the campsite before the storms came through !

Sunday dawned bright and clear or so I thought...

After lunch my friend Karen and I visited Westfield Village in Rockton for a couple of hours sketching. We each chose our spot and went to work..

I fell in love with this rally old homestead that stood apart from the main attractions

Hmm not a very good photo but you get the idea!

This was completed in about 20 min so I wandered off to see wht Karen was up to .

She wasn't quite finished her piece so I sat down and did a quick sketch of the old church though the tree's

To round off the weekend on Monday morning I decided to sketch my breakfast :-)

 Cinnamon Bun and coffee ...Mmmm

All done in pen and ink some with the addition of water soluble graphite

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Perspective Drawing

Today I spent the day with like minded people coming to grasp with 'perspective' in all its forms, some easy some not so much, in fact some of it mind boggling!

Once I got my brain wrapped around 'foreshortening' we went on to 'curvilinear' . If I thought foreshortening was difficult try curvilinear !
Throw all the rules we just learned out the window ...

Yes it was fun and a big thank you to Brenda Murray for the lessons

Monday, May 29, 2017

Continuous Line Drawing

Having watched a few tutorials from Sketchbook Skool

As I was sitting in Valens campground with no internet I decided to practice what I had learned.
I was really surprised how using this technique really sharpened my 'seeing' so I did more !
I didn't move more than a few feet from my trailer to do these ... LOL

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Another challenge from Peter Sheeler, wet-in-wet but I added a bit of pen work with ochre ink

 I think I will rework this a few times to get control of my brush strokes that tended to wander a bit, and think more about the placement of the bulrushes, otherwise I am quite happy with the first attempt.


Sunday, May 7, 2017

Broken Windows ..

A lesson from Peter Sheeler.

This was drawn with a new dip pen that I picked up yesterday. Actually I got four of them for $12 nibs and holders!
This one, the first I tried is awesome, it holds so much ink I did the whole drawing with one 'dip'
Strathmore Watercolour Sketchbook
Sennelier Watercolours

The original looks better 'onest


Friday, April 14, 2017

New (old) trick ...

Frustrated with errors of perspective I came across this trick that I had seen previously but never tried.

So simple and so easy !

A bulldog clip and a length of elasticated 'string' 
Clip the string on the 'eye level' line and swing it up and down to give you the correct angles for the perspective !

This quick sketch looks so much better , now to try fixing 2 point perspective!