Sunday, February 28, 2016

Burnt Cove - Tobermory

Last weekend I was at Doug's Cottage in Tobermory.
Weather wise a dreary, windy and rain swept couple of days but in reality a time to chat, laugh and catch up with the occasional walk to 'blow away the cobwebs'.

From the moment I saw the little island just off shore in a sea of shifting ice I knew I had to do more than photograph it.

Here is the result; a small ink and wash on Strathmore 400 8" x 5"mixed media paper.

Not exactly as it was but that's not the point is it, this is what I 'saw' as we sheltered in the cedars out of the wind, waiting for an elusive otter we had seen all to briefly as we approached.

Burnt Cove Tobermory..

Sunday, February 7, 2016

It's been a while ..

Life happens even when you are not paying attention.
It's been months since I put pen and brush to paper, yes I have been struggling to track down my muse(s) but today I actually did something!

A small line and wash study of an unknown barn (mostly out of my head) on a sunny day ..

Now the ball is rolling lets see if I can keep it rolling !