Saturday, May 26, 2018

Sketch Walk in the University of Guelph grounds

Today I decided, because of the heat, to get an early start and stay 'local' instead of going on an afternoon sketching trip to New Hamburg with my 'Sketchy Friends'.
So I wandered around the U of G for a while before the heat drove me back to the air conditioned comfort.

Yes I'm a wuss....

 My first stop ( I got out of the car pulled out my chair and sat down) was the "Portal" a rebuilt section of the original doorway that became the University..

Second stop in the shade .. Mills Hall 

Last stop, on the way back to the car, this old tree caught my attention


Sunday, May 20, 2018


No not the poisonous plant from the river bank the 'tastes good as tea' tree...
I picked up some fallen pieces during our Shinrin Yoku walk yesterday, with the intention of making tea.
Some made it to the pot 
Some made it to the drawing table..


Monday, April 30, 2018

Algonquin Thoughts...

This last weekend I was in Algonquin Park.
Winter still has a grip there, frozen lakes, snow in the shade hardly any 'Spring growth' to be seen.

As I stood at a favourite spot , looking across the frozen landscape to the old spruce across the way an image was forming in my head.
Later back in the warmth of my airbnb retreat in Whitney, a tea at hand, I put that thought down in my Stillman and Birn Nova series coloured paper sketchbook using a white charcoal pencil and my new Staetler black pencils...

Original size is 6x9


Sunday, March 4, 2018

Staedtler Black Pencils

I thought it was time I tried out my new Staedtler Black pencils so I used my watercolour from a recent workshop as a subject.

I found them 'different' to use but boy they are nice so dark, so "black" !

Stillman & Birn sketchbook about 8x10

Monday, February 19, 2018

Winter Landscape Workshop

I recently attended a watercolour workshop conducted by Marion R. Anderson of Alder Creek Studio. 
The morning was spent learning how to mask area's with masking tape, something I had never done and applying salt to a wet wash, a technique that was popular 'back in the day' but I had never really tried.
You have ZERO control over what happens ! 

 It's a waiting game as to when you add the salt wait too long and you get nothing to early and it overpowers the field.
This was my first and only attempt I was quite happy with the result. 
Not so much with the tree's ! 
I'm going to go back in to add a few branches I think

Although the masking technique worked quite well next time I will try to avoid the straight line of the tape.

This was on Saunders Waterford 200lb Hot Press about 8x10

The afternoon was a 'practice what you learned' session which I got so carried away with I completely forgot the salt !

Oh well I was pretty happy with the resulting watercolour 

Half sheet (!) Arches 140lb cold press that is a big piece of paper for me!

This is the result:

 Again the tree's were masked with tape, cut a little more carefully this time.

The cottage and railings were a result of negative painting (something else I was trying) 

All-in-all a great day of learning with a bunch of like minded people, many of my sketchy friends attended.
Next workshop is about using 'Alcohol Inks' that should throw me way out of my comfort zone!


Saturday, February 10, 2018

Inktober to now... getting caught up !

January 2018

So that brings us up to date 


Pencil Sketch - Scottish Highlands

No I wasn't there, well maybe in spirit but not in person.
This was drawn from a photograph on a watercolour tutorial by Grahame Booth.

I have been sketching, drawing and painting since 'Inktober' but have neglected this blog.
Time to catch up !

Stillman&Birn Beta 8x10 shetchbook
A couple of no name pencils HB and 2B, 
Generals Woodless Graphite 4B for the darks