Thursday, May 19, 2016

Into the light ...Finally

This painting was stuck at the back of a drawer and forgotten for many years. When I found it it was rolled, creased and tattered
Recently while talking to my framer, Don Corby I told him about it.
He figured he could breathe some life into it, so I let him and he did!

So here it is after 25 years or so in its rightful place on the wall.

Thanks Don!

20" x 30" Acrylic (washes as in watercolour) on paper
This was a project / demonstration image in a 'how to' book the title of which is long forgotten

Sorry about all the reflections ;-)


Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wolf Howl Pond ..finally ..

.. done!

Well almost.

I'm going to live with this for a while, I see a few things that need treaking already :-)

Canson 9" x 12" XL series watercolour paper

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wolf Howl Pond - Watercolour

and so it goes, you see something and try to tease the meaning from it..
Wold Howl Pond has done this to me and so the search for the image, the meaning continues.

I am getting closer though :-)

5" x 7" watercolour on Fluid hot pressed paper

Some new watercolours:
Sennelier Aqua Mini half pan set
New brushes:
Raphael soft aqua 2,4,and 8

They all came in a little kit from

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wolf Howl Pond -Redux

I feel the need to work and rework this subject as I don't think I am "there yet..

This is a graphite, pencil and white gouache rendition.
Boy that powdered Graphite makes a mess!

My Derwent battery powered eraser ground a deep, dark scar into the white of the moon, that's when the gouache came out ..

I'm tempted to crop this with only the left side/half


Strathmore 400 Mixed Media Paper 9" x 12"
Generals Powdered Graphite

Monday, May 2, 2016

Wolf Howl Pond - Algonquin

The second visit was completely different from my first visit the day before.
"Yesterday" was warmly lit by a bright Spring sun, this day was cloudy and threatening rain but it is still a great place to sit.

This was a quick sketch to try and capture the scene dominated by old, dead black spruce that surrounded the ponds.
Drawn in my watercolour sketchbook, not the best choice for pencil work but I had it with me :-)

Not the greatest scan but ...