Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wolf Howl Pond - Watercolour

and so it goes, you see something and try to tease the meaning from it..
Wold Howl Pond has done this to me and so the search for the image, the meaning continues.

I am getting closer though :-)

5" x 7" watercolour on Fluid hot pressed paper

Some new watercolours:
Sennelier Aqua Mini half pan set
New brushes:
Raphael soft aqua 2,4,and 8

They all came in a little kit from


  1. Wow! Very nice Alan. I can still hear the pileated wood pecker!

  2. You're becoming quite the watercolorist, Alan. I think I'm too much of a pen-pusher to ever get that good with watercolors. --- Larry