Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Coloured Pencil on Toned Paper

Recently I have been drawn (no pun intended.. OK it was intentional) to the work of Pat Southern-Pearce. I was fascinated by her choice of toned paper and her struggle to find the right 'medium' to use it with as I have!

Sitting in my trailer trying to escape the blood sucking hoards of mosquitoes (yes really , at this time of year!) I decided it was time to try
So coloured pencils became the 'medium' and I must say I really enjoyed the challenge, you see I am not a 'coloured pencil' kinda guy, I have them, a lot of them but have rarely used them or know how to use them

However I spent a couple of hours seeing what I could make of this challenge, I must say I was quite happy with the result.

I think the background could be darker but I am at the point of "don't mess it up"!
It does look better with darker, richer colours in real life though... really ..

Strathmore Tan Toned Sketchbook
Derwent pencils both 'Watercolour' and 'Studio'
Graphgear Mechanical Pencil 2B

Feedback is always welcome.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Urban Sketchers in Elora

Yesterday I joined a group of like minded people in Elora for an afternoon of sketching.

I mixed up the times so while I waited for the same 'like minded people' to show up I worked on other people..
I'm not good at this so ...

Bissell Park - Market Day

Bissell Park - by the river

Finally everyone showed up and I wandered off into town ..

Mill St to be precise 

There were  few sprinkes of rain so we sat under an umbrella in an outdoor cafe :-)

2 pens, 1 ink


Monday, August 7, 2017

Westfield Village - A grand day out

Westfield Village is a great place to visit if you love old buildings.
Yesterday I took my friend Karen for a day out to sketch and draw a few of them.

Gillen House - pencil 

This took a while, especially with the steam tractor rumbling by spitting oil, smoke and dust. I had to stop and cover my sketchbook each time ! 

I didn't notice the slight lean until I scanned it...

Cathcart School - Pencil

I decided on a less formal study of the old school. This was drawn quickly with a 'fat' (2mm) mechanical pencil .

Albrecht Seip Boot Shop - Pencil, Pen and Ink

Trying to stay off the roadway (that steam tractor again) I was 'forced' to work on my perspective drawing.

Boy the day went fast, before I knew it we were given the 10 min warning as it was 4:00pm already!