Sunday, October 15, 2017

Inktober 2017 Day 1 - Day 7 aka "BOOK ONE"

I've been lurking ..
I wasn't sure about being able to complete this years "Inktober" challenge but I started and kept it to myself but the month is half over and I am still going!

So it's time ..
I thought aboyt the format ;
1 a day was  bit much
All of them in one post seemed worse
So I settled on this ..

Here is Day 1 through Day 7

Day 1

I was in Ottawa with the Urban Sketchers and found myself sitting in front of Maman by Lois Boubureous

There are 5 of these scattered around, I know of one in the Distillery District in Toronto the rest are worldwide.

Unfortunately for me I put my sketch in my sketchbook not knowing if I would continue or not or how I would keep track of my progress.
So Day 1 is all alone in my Moleskine Sketchbook while all the others reside side by side in my very old (1994) sketchbook that I am trying to fill.

Without further ado ...
Day 1 Maman

I used my little used Brush Pen to get the thick black lines that make up the actual sculpture.
Little used as it rarely comes out into the light but I am pleased with this

Day 2

What ? you don't know what a Dalek is ?
Better start watching Dr Who all 40 plus years of it to get caught up !
This was created with a ballpoint pen while I sat on hold on the phone.

Day 3

Still struggling to find my way with Inktober this is a pretty quick sketch of one of my painting bags.
it was there and I needed a subject ..
I think it was done with a Micron .05

Day 4


I picked these up one my walk with Winter ( little knowing this was going to start a trend..)

Micron .05 pen

Day 5

Fall Mum's
Sitting on the picnic table in Algonquin

Rotring 1.5mm Art Pen

Day 6

Maple leaves (unfortunately I didn't have coloured inks or my dip pens with me) in Algonquin.
Pilot Metropolitan with Platinum Carbon Black Ink (I think)

Day 7

Still in Algonquin.
Grant threw a piece of wire into a tree and started talking to the world ..
Ham radio

Sakura Microperm 01 well used and scratchy and I like it!

Well thats "BookOne" stay tuned for "Book 2"
Where things start to change ....


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