Sunday, October 15, 2017

Inktober 2017 Day 8 - Day 14 aka "BOOK TWO"

Onward we go, here is book two, where I see changes (for the good) I think.
Maybe there is hope for me yet !

Day 8
Still in Algonquin I found my subject sitting on the table just in case you don't recognize them, Green Pepper and a Tomato..

Someone mentioned using non waterproof ink so they could add shadows by washing the lines of ink.
So I did it too

Lamy Safari with Lamy Black Ink

Day 9

Ch-ch-ch changes..
well I think so, I see a definite shift in my line work here maybe I am improving :-)

Pilot Metropolitan Pen and Platinum Carbon Black Ink

Labrador Tea

There was a time when Grant and I would make a 3 hr journey (one way!) into the backwoods of Algonquin just so we could enjoy a cup of this tea!
We still enjoy it but we don't have to walk nearly as far :-)

Day 10

A subject way more complex but boy I enjoyed drawing this one..
Pine cones, a bunch was knocked off a tree in Mew Lake (Algonquin) so I brought it home as my subject.

Very old Parker rollerball pen, it's even older than the sketchbook and that started in 1994!

Day 11

OK well somehow the day got away from me and as I was eating an apple before I went to bed I realized I hadn't completed my Inktober tribute :-o

So the apple core was it ..

The same old Parker Rollerball

Day 12

Remember the walks with Winter?
Here is another 'found' subject from one of the walks it is also the beginning of "just how many different oaks live in my neighbourhood anyway"

Same old Parker rollerball

Day 13

This would be the second of the Oaks leaves

Jinhao 750 "Frankenpen" (I swapped out the nib for a flex nib)
Diamine 'Ochre' Ink

Getting to like my lines

Day 14

Another Oak, thats three if you are counting..
Jinhao 750 "Frankenpen"
Diamine 'Ochre' Ink

This is a great combination for Autumn sketching!

Here endeth "BOOK TWO"

I have to go find a subject for today to fill in the Day 15 spot that will be in Book three
Watch this space!


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  1. Try Diamine Terracotta before the end of the month... LOL