Friday, April 14, 2017

New (old) trick ...

Frustrated with errors of perspective I came across this trick that I had seen previously but never tried.

So simple and so easy !

A bulldog clip and a length of elasticated 'string' 
Clip the string on the 'eye level' line and swing it up and down to give you the correct angles for the perspective !

This quick sketch looks so much better , now to try fixing 2 point perspective!



  1. Hmm...assuming that you're trying to draw what's in front of you (not making it up), this technique requires that the actual vanishing point is at the edge of your paper. It would seem that the odds of that are pretty low. As for 2-point perspective, in my experience, at least one of the vanishing points would be well off the paper. If you don't care if you match the actual perspective in front of you, though, this technique is pretty darn slick :-)

  2. Oh I agree with that and have been thinking about it for a long,long time!
    All I came up with is having a large sketching board with a small(er) piece of paper taped to it. Then the VP could be as it should be,
    Either that or set the VP as shown but make the lines above and below the VP so that pushes the actual VP further off the paper :-)
    Now my brain hurts ...