Sunday, February 5, 2017

More Lessons learned..

A group I belong to on Facebook has a 'challenge' running, I missed January but did the February challenge.
A photo is given and everyone puts their own spin on it, there are no winners nor losers but  instead you can learn a lot from others interpretations, here is mine;

Country Lane

I am reasonably happy with it, some bits more than others :-)

I also followed a video where the artist used a credit card to scrape out rocks in a landscape. Once you get the 'dampness' right it works quite well..

Babbling Brook


Arches 140# CP paper,
W&N watercolours,
QoR Watercolour,
Signo white gel pen,
Noodlers Carbon Black,
Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen,
 Escoda Prado Brushes,
Escoda Reserva Kolinsky Sable Brushes,
Curry's pallete knife,


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks!
      I haven't seen much of your work for a while though!

  2. Both of these are nice, Alan. Great aerial perspective in the top one.

    As an aside, there is no such thing as Noodler's Carbon Black. There is Noodler's Black (a dye-based ink) and Platinum Carbon Black (a fountain-pen friendly pigmented ink).

    1. Ooops can I blame predictive text ?
      Thank you for the ever welcome comments Larry.