Saturday, January 28, 2017

Pen and Wash .. Lessons from Peter Sheeler

I promised myself a down day painting and reading.
Well I did the painting bit, watching youtube video's by one of my favourite artists Peter Sheeler

and trying to emulate his simple style that I like so much ..

 Pen and Wash Barn
 Still working on using more pigment !

Pen and Wash Farmhouse
Unfortunately on this one I got a little impatient with my initial wash and with noodlers black ink you cannot do that .. so there are a couple of small runs, Oh well.

Overall I am quite happy with the results and happy with the day !

The first one was in my Stillman and Birn Beta sketchbook
For the second one I tore up a sheet of Saunders #200 Hot Press paper that I had bought to try, I like it :-)

Pen was a Pilot Mertopolitan
Ink Noodlers Black
W&N watercolours 
W&N travel brushes
Rosemary & Co travel 'sword' brush (First time I tried it)



  1. I love Peter Sheeler's little vignettes. You've done a great job of creating your own versions. If you're going to be drawing on good watercolor paper, though, you'll eventually find yourself moving away from Noodler's Black for the simple reason that the sizing in those papers prevent Noodler's inks from becoming waterproof/resistant.

    1. That explains why the first sketch, done in my Stillman & Birn sketchbook was perfectly fine.
      I thought it was a matter of timing.
      The Second one was done on Saunders 200ib hot press paper ...
      Thanks for the info and the comment!


  2. This is whole new culture for me. It looks very satisfying though.

  3. It is ! and very relaxing.
    Grab a pen, any pen
    and paper, any paper
    and give it a try :-)