Sunday, September 13, 2015

Something new ..

Golden, the oil and acrylics company recently released a line of watercolours.
Curry's have them on sale ...

I bought a set of six "High Chroma" colours that is composed of what I call the New colours (Quinacridone Gold, Pyrrole Orange and other fanciful names) as opposed to the traditional colours (burnt umber, raw sienna.etc)

I started with new paper well actually it's not paper (as in made from pulp or cotton) but
crushed rock ..Terraskin, produced by a Canadian Company.

I abandoned the watercolour fairly quickly and reverted to a more traditional cold pressed paper.

More on the Terraskin later.

I quite like the new colours especially for Autumn leaves, I think there will be more coming along :-)

9" x 12" Beinfang Watercolour pad 140lb cold pressed
Golden QoR High Chroma watercolours

Oh and new brushes !

Escoda Prado sizes 16,10 and 8 (I love their sables and these synthetics are not to be sneezed at either. :-)

Yes everything is on sale at Curries !

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