Sunday, September 6, 2015

One liner ...

My 'gallery day' was Friday during which I spent most of the afternoon out in the shade, reading and drawing.
This is an attempt at a 'one line sketch'; the intent is to keep the pen moving and not lifting it off the paper.

OK I cheated a few times :-)

Strathmore 300 'mixed media' sketchbook 5.5" x 8.5"
Noodlers AHAB flex pen
Noodlers Carbon Black ink

1 comment:

  1. made me realize that I failed to communicate the time frame of one-line sketching, probably because in some of the sketches I presented, I "cheated" and took far more time than normal. The rationale behind one-line sketching is to keep the hand moving, quickly capturing a scene. It's goal is singular - to loosen up your hand and cause you to simplify (A LOT). Definitely a to-each-his-own but the exercise is more about creating a flowing, simple line to convey the "stuff" of the scene in a minute or maybe two, leaving out all the detail. It's a skill-building exercise, not a drawing method. I find it very frustrating to do it but it's helping me...I think :-)

    In any case, you have the patience of Job to draw all of that siding while pulling a single line. Didn't your brain hurt when you finished (grin)? --- Larry

    Even so, I like your building