Saturday, September 5, 2015

Road Trip - Erin

I went on a road trip this morning all the way to Erin.
OK not a long way but far enough for some fresh scenery.

After checking out the (ahem) Bakery we settled down across the street to draw/paint the buildings of downtown.

I chose a rather freestyle pen and ink method (one line sketches) that I am tinkering with, thanks to Larry in Quebec City

Noodlers Carbon Black Ink in a Noodlers Ahab flex pen
Strathmore 300 mixed media sketchbook 8.5" x 5.5"


Patrick had taken on a rather large watercolour so I was done before him so I decided to work on a small watercolour, a fire hydrant ... thanks to Larry again!

It was to have ink added but I was told to leave it alone no ink.

W&N watercolour Field set W&N travel Brush set
Moleskine 5" x 8" watercolour sketchbook

All in all a great, relaxing morning



  1. ... just a little ink ?

    Nice work Alan.

  2. Love the sketch, Alan, but I don't see any relationship to the one-line sketch approach (which is more an exercise like push ups than a way to do sketching) proposed in Marc Taro Holme's Craftsy course I talked about. It's not "one line at a time" (Grin).

    Of course I love your fire hydrant. I love all fire hydrant sketches. The ink vs no ink question you pose seems to pivot on whether you're a watercolorist or someone who likes to draw with pointy devices. I'm in the later camp and always feel that pure watercolors look "fuzzy". I suspect, though, that the fuzzy comes from the fact that the contrasts along the hard line areas is simply not sufficient to provide a true "edge." --- Larry