Saturday, July 11, 2015

Workshop - In the style of A.J Casson..

I spent the 'long weekend' at Nan Hogg's watercolour workshop studying the art and style of one of my favourite artists, AJ Casson.

Moving so far away from what is normal for me and trying to imagine how Mr Casson would see a particular scene really was hard work!

Below are two of the three watercolours I worked on over the weekend; these are BIG this one is on a half sheet of Arches 300lb cold pressed!

This one was painted en plein aire otherwise known as "outside"  ;-) on a hot windy day, on of those days when washes dry so fast (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!)

This is on Saunders Waterford 140lb 12 x 16 paper, a bit smaller but still big (for me)

Anyway these are 'finished' or so I was told!

As I said it was really difficult for a detail oriented painter like me to paint in an almost abstract style.
Difficult but lots of fun.

All in all I learned a great deal

Thanks Nan ;-)


  1. Both of these are beautiful. The subtle transition of tones across the first canvas is especially successful.
    I think these are worth framing Alan!

  2. I saw a lot of myself in your words, Alan. I really have a hard time backing away from adding too many fiddly lines. I like these paintings, though I'm too much of a detail person to ever do this sort of painting myself. --- Larry