Monday, July 13, 2015

Winters Swimming Hole ..

Winter loves to go splashing about in the man made (or kid made) area that is a bit deeper because of all the rocks piled to stem the flow in the 'creek' that runs through our local park.
Unfortunately the mosquitoes love it too, so this was created from memory after we returned home.

Hand Bound Paper Co Travelogue 5 1/4" x 81/4" sketchbook

Pen, Ink and watercolour pencil washed with water.

Patrick was correct the Noodler's Black ink takes a long time to dry to permanence ;-(

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  1. Love this sketch, Alan. I gave up on Noodler's Black a couple years ago. When used on any paper with enough sizing to handle watercolors, it never becomes "waterproof" in the sense that a watercolorist needs it to be, simply because it relies upon binding to cellulose to become waterproof.

    I switched to Platinum Carbon Black and more recently to De Atramentis Document Black. The De Atramentis Document inks are a dream come true for a sketcher. I carry 4-6 pens with me every day and they're all filled with those inks. --- Larry