Monday, February 16, 2015

Storm Passing

Another book I am reading is by the same author David Bellamy 'Skies, Light and Atmosphere'.

I love his brooding watercolours or as Jethro Tull once said 'Brewing , heavy weather'. 
So I have decided to follow all the exercises and learn ... I hope.

One thing I did learn in Ruins III reworked was don't give up if something goes sideways.

My first attempt at the 'rain cloud' was a disaster, to me it ruined the entire piece so I reread what David had said .. 're-wet the entire sky'... oops

So I took a sponge and removed the whole cloud,re-wet the WHOLE sky and redid the cloud. 
It worked (well in my opinion it worked) 

I'm a lot happier with this except for the dark 'rain' that was caused by the removal of the old cloud which filled in some scrapes that I had put in.

Oh well you can't win em all :-)



  1. I never knew you painted Alan! This is wonderful! I've done the same thing... pulled out what I thought was a ruined piece, reworked it and saved it from the trash bin! Very satisfying when that happens. I actually like the rain even if it wasn't intentional! Great job! Bravo!

  2. Very nice Alan - I really like the rain - would never have guessed this was a 'problem area' for you. I think it adds a lot of drama to the piece!

  3. I agree with John; the rain cloud drama energizes the scene. Nice technique too. If only I could find a 'wetting' or 'blotting' filter I would apply it to some of my images.

  4. Very nice, Alan! I love the cloud and the rain. Nice composition. Keep it up - I, too, didn't know you were painting.