Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ruins III reworked ...

My friend Constance sent me a long email in response to my Ruins III post.

I said "Constance it's only a piece of paper! I will just repaint it" 

She said "Alan , It just a piece of  paper but there is something special taking a painting not quite right and turning to something remarkable. You will learn a lot in doing it."

She was right ... Well it may not be remarkable but it is way better :-)

Thanks Constance! 

She explained how to: 

Cut down the tree (well remove it)
Fix the background
Repaint the sky
Rework the shadow and sunlit sides of the ruin.

This is where I started, That tree had to go!

So deep breath ...

I took cell phone photo's of the process ...

First, scrub off the tree and wash out the background to the right of the ruin and lighten the ruin itself

Then repaint the sky and the background to the right of the ruin

Rework the sunlit and shadow sides of the ruin

Et Voila !

Yeah OK but they are cell phone photo's the original really does look better :-)

Lessons learned ; 

Even in watercolour you can fix things.
Listen to your friends :-)

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