Monday, February 19, 2018

Winter Landscape Workshop

I recently attended a watercolour workshop conducted by Marion R. Anderson of Alder Creek Studio. 
The morning was spent learning how to mask area's with masking tape, something I had never done and applying salt to a wet wash, a technique that was popular 'back in the day' but I had never really tried.
You have ZERO control over what happens ! 

 It's a waiting game as to when you add the salt wait too long and you get nothing to early and it overpowers the field.
This was my first and only attempt I was quite happy with the result. 
Not so much with the tree's ! 
I'm going to go back in to add a few branches I think

Although the masking technique worked quite well next time I will try to avoid the straight line of the tape.

This was on Saunders Waterford 200lb Hot Press about 8x10

The afternoon was a 'practice what you learned' session which I got so carried away with I completely forgot the salt !

Oh well I was pretty happy with the resulting watercolour 

Half sheet (!) Arches 140lb cold press that is a big piece of paper for me!

This is the result:

 Again the tree's were masked with tape, cut a little more carefully this time.

The cottage and railings were a result of negative painting (something else I was trying) 

All-in-all a great day of learning with a bunch of like minded people, many of my sketchy friends attended.
Next workshop is about using 'Alcohol Inks' that should throw me way out of my comfort zone!


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  1. Learning new material is so exciting. Pity that I did not learn this forty years ago!