Sunday, June 12, 2016

Urban Sketchers Waterloo Region

Yesterday, dispite the heat and humidity I joined up with a gang of urban sketchers from Waterloo.
Not my first outing with the group but it has been a while.

THis time we gathered at the Boathouse in Guelph where each went their separate ways but most of us ended up under the tree lined shore opposite the boathouse in the shade with a not-so-gentle breeze blowing, I must admit it was easy to sit there and the 3 hours passed quickly in pleasant conversation and painting.

I work quite quickly so I managed two paintings/sketches in pen and wash, this one was the better of the two and the one I went with at the 'throw down' ... where we all gather after the allotted time and get to see what we have accomplished.

Not my first attempt at this subject but I am quite happy with it
The colours are a bit washed out, especially the blues but you get the idea..


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  1. Outstanding, Alan. I love urban sketcher events. --- Larry