Sunday, April 24, 2016

Perspective... the eternal struggle

I hate perspective, my renderings always look .. awkward.
Yes I know how it's supposed to work and how to do it but it never 'looks' correct.

So I keep trying .. ;-)

So this one started out as a pen and ink rendering and ended up as a little watercolour
(it's about 6" x 3"), using QOR watercolours and trying to work in purples, fushia and violet into my shadows.
I think the angles look a little better but.... 



  1. Perspective vs Perception ...
    I think your expression of the scene is just wonderful Alan.

  2. I see no wrong with the perspective... perhaps I need some training myself! This is a pleasant image; the colors and tones encourage a peaceful Sunday afternoon. I perceive the image is complete.

  3. Looks great, Alan. If you're really worried about perspective, pay closer attention to the windows. The tops and bottoms shouldn't be parallel.