Sunday, March 15, 2015

Coco Latte

It was one of those days (a week ago) I was waiting to meet up with friends downtown at OX.

I was deliberately early, so I went into Coco Latte in Quebec Street Mall for a cup of something warm and a muffin.
I had already decided not to sit at my usual table but to find a place across the 'street' so I could draw the Cafe.

I started out with pencil, pen and ink.
Later (yesterday) I used water soluble Derwent pencils (shades of gray) and ArtGraf watercolour graphite to tone the scene.


  1. Do you like the water soluble pencils? I have a box of 36, Derwent I think... 24 watercolour pencils and 12 Graphitint if you want them they are yours! I really like this piece Alan!

  2. Very nice Alan! Did so many on site pen and ink with WC when I was over-seas. A very rewarding experience:) barb

  3. Love this, Alan. The shading is very nice. Quebec St. in Guelph. How odd :-)

    Cheers --- Larry