Sunday, January 4, 2015

First Light 2015

First Light 2015

I have put out a challenge for many years now.

My "First Light Challenge" is to capture the morning sun, or in this case a lightening of the grey clouds, on New Years morning (In my area that is 7:54 a.m)

This sketch was not done on site as the ink would have frozen along with my fingers.
It was drawn from memory of that day in the warmth of my kitchen ;-)

Hamilton Steelworks from across the bay at LaSalle Park.

Strathmore 'Toned Grey" paper.
Pentel Brush Pen (Black),
Noodlers Carbon Black ink in my TWSBI fountain pen,
white crayon,
2B pencil.
White highlights using a Uni-ball Signo rollerball.

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